Surprise! Magrau and Kamilla grew over the past year!

Surprise! Magrau and Kamilla grew over the past year!

Perhaps we change just a little bit all the time and since we live with one another, we really don’t notice the changes of arms reaching longer or little frog flippers getting more “flippy.” I’m telling you all of this because I’m getting a lot of questions from kids lately. They’re asking:

“Why have the puppets changed?”

“How old are they?”

“Did Magrau eat his breakfast?”

I recently located my puppet rule book (every puppeteer has one hidden somewhere) and it appears that puppets do not age as a general rule, however one day late last summer Magrau’s shoes didn’t fit. We tried a different pair, but none of the shoes in his closet fit him properly! I called out for Kamilla the frog. “Kamilla! Can you come here and tell me if you think Magrau looks like he’s grown?” When she walked into the room, I noticed that she also seemed to look different than she had the night before. What?? Did both of my puppets suddenly change overnight? It appeared that they had!

So… same characters with a different new colourful look! Kamilla and Magrau are excited to see you again! We are so looking forward to more shows and more talks about things that really matter like how old is Magrau, where does Kamilla sleep at night and my favourite…why can’t Kamilla and Magrau close their eyes?

I wanted to give a shout out to all of our friends! We are really happy to meet new friends this next year and as 2021 grows into 2022 – we will be there with bells on to talk, sing, dance and be together.