Summer memories of childhood – playing until the street lights come on.

Ever since I could fit on top of a countertop (I would be often found curled up on the kitchen counter to my parents’ chagrin) I knew that I wanted to make people laugh.

Little Kellie

When I was little, I went to my first summer company picnic and learned the 3-legged race, excelled at the watermelon eating contests and worked at winning as many silver dollar prizes as I could. I would save up my silver dollars but I never spent them. I still have those silver dollars somewhere. I just couldn’t give them up because they were so shiny and big and I had won them at my Dad’s company barbecue. All of the people who worked with my Dad would bring their kids and families and we would play but our playtime was serious. We would practise at home for the 3-legged race beforehand and take the eggs from the hen house in the barn to practise racing with them on a spoon. This was serious competition and it was fun!

At 13 years of age I started being hired for company barbecues and Christmas parties! So being hired for corporate parties today brings me back to the dawn of my performing career when I wanted to make people laugh and could fit on top of a counter top. Why do I bring up summer time corporate parties? I wanted to show you a pic of the latest party where I performed at Cultus Lake which is a beautiful park near Chilliwack with lots of room to play in the water and under the canopy of old trees. I enjoyed being the entertainment and later roving around and climbing the jungle gym with Spider Man, kittens, lions, and any animal you could think of. The face painters were busy all day long crafting masterpieces on the kids smiling faces.


Summer barbecues and festivals play a big role in good night sleeps. Kids love to play all the day long and work out their energy. Kids need to be outdoors and I’m happy when I see children get fresh air and enjoy the summertime. So here’s to play and summer! I’ll end this blog posting with a picture from a few years back of our dog Luke and me chilling out on a summer’s night after a long day of play. Luke must have played hard that day because he looks tired and content.

photo 2

If you head to the store here on my website and stream the song I Want to Play for free, you’ll hear me sing about me taking my dog “across the lawn to a faraway place.” We didn’t really go very far away but in my imagination I could easily have been crossing the prairies in a wagon train or exploring the moon. When I wrote this song I was picturing Luke. So, this is Luke’s claim to fame – a song partly about him and summertime and play.

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Happy Summer!
Little Kellie

photo 3