The Story of Me, Myself & I

This musical is a fictionalized autobiography. Kellie meets two puppets who help her come out of her shyness, join the circus, and become a ventriloquist act. During their Vegas show, Magrau  exhibits strange behaviours ( small shouts and involuntary movements) which turns the show sideways.  We discover that Magrau has Tourette Syndrome. Instead of quitting,  we realize Magrau’s challenges are his strengths and work his outrageous behaviour into our act, winning bigger raves than before.

  • Note – this show isn’t about having Tourette, instead it’s about turning your own individual challenges into successes!

Grade Suitability: K – 7
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“To see the children’s faces light up, reaffirmed everything that the arts do for children. We are still talking about it and wondering when the bird and frog can come back. Thank you for coming all this way to share your time.”
—Christina Pittman, Sxoxomic School, Alkali Lake



A Space To Play

Three friends—ventriloquist Kellie Haines, Kamilla the frog and Magrau the bird—explore the differences in people, nature and the universe in this hilarious and interactive musical adventure. Magrau wants to help protect the mountain caribou by finding them more space to play, while Kamilla wonders if she is the only frog in the universe. With the help of the audience’s imaginations and talents, the trio learns that being different is not only okay, it’s amazing!

Grade Suitability: K – 7
Ask us about adding a puppet making workshop to your school performance.





Our school loved having Kellie visit and perform with her amazing puppets. In her performance of “A Space to Play,” the message is very clear (everyone counts and everyone can make a difference). Each one of our students, left the play with a smile on their face and a spring in their step. I really appreciated the audience participation which included many of our children with special needs. Kellie and her team arrived early to set up and even rehearse before the students arrived. Kellie also has very good management skills to keep even our young students focused.

Don’t miss out.
– Katherine, School District 40, New Westminster BC



You chose great kids who have lots of challenges but are making strides at school. Will certainly talk to my colleagues about your program. Highly recommend it.
Dino, Lochdale Community School, Burnaby BC