Virtual Field Trip

We are excited to offer one hour Virtual Field Trips into the exciting world of puppetry and ventriloquism with expert Kellie Haines. These virtual workshops are tailored to optimize the BIG IDEAS and BC curricular competencies for each grade kindergarten to grade 7. Using an online platform, Kellie engages students through storytelling, character development, movement, voice and lots of humour. Each workshop also includes a historical overview of puppetry and ventriloquism.

A puppet can be made out of anything. With a little help from Kellie, watch a tea kettle express itself with movement and voice to reveal emotions! Using common house hold items , students are encouraged to engage in creative expression to create a puppet out of everyday objects and help the new puppet creation convey feelings through movement and sound. Puppets have a personal history, talents, personality traits and may speak different languages. Learn puppetry and ventriloquism from Kellie’s puppets.  Self expression, communication and creative thinking are key components of this student driven, engaging and playful workshop.

Educational support materials and follow up activities are included with each workshop. 

Contact Kellie directly at 604 – 916 – 1944 or

Kellie leading a lesson on puppetry and ventriloquism.