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Kellie Haines Photo 3

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This puppet musical has a lot going on including fast paced ventriloquism, singing (original music by Kellie), dancing, high kicks, physical comedy and lots of audience participation!

Kellie’s hilarious shows blend musical numbers with fast paced ventriloquism comedy bits! Magrau the colourful bird and Kamilla the curious frog with red natural hair will keep you guessing who is pulling the strings.


The sound of the drums starts the show with Kellie in her first interactive song GET READY!. Magrau the bird is a little hungry and full of surprises. Magrau and Kellie take a series of comic detours – like a mangled rendition of the Itsy-Bitsy Spider song- on their way to discovering the real cause of Magrau’s unrest: he was being teased by other kids for being afraid of the dark. Magrau has made a new friend though, and Lampy is her name. Magrau sings a song to Lampy called I’m Beginning to See the Light with the help of a volunteer. Next we meet Kamilla the frog, a precocious 4 year-old frog with red hair. Kellie reminds her about the big production number coming up and asks if she got all her frog friends and cousins lined up to be a Frog Chorus. When it becomes clear that Kamilla sort of forgot to round up other frogs, Kellie recruits audience members frogs for the song 100 Frogs. We end with the finale number about believing in yourself and knowing that when you try your best you can be extraordinary. Popular on main festival and open stages. Funny, zany and very interactive.

This musical highlights songs from Kellie’s newest CD The Story of Me Myself and I.

“There is no doubt in my mind that when children meet Kellie Haines and her puppet friends, Magrau and Kamilla, they leave thinking the puppets are just as real as Kellie is. Kellie creates the perfect opportunity for children to believe in talking frogs and in the power of their imagination. I will definitely be bringing Kellie Haines and Co. back to our festival again.”
                           – Marnie Perrin Artistic Director Surrey Children’s Festival

vkidsfestlogo“Kellie is truly entertaining with her interaction with the puppets and the audience!” 
   – Lucie Lareau Artistic Director of the Vancouver International Children’s Festival